Tuesday, June 11, 2013

From Spring To Summer

Its been a very busy spring at Frost Pottery Garden.  We've enjoyed lots of new inventory so far this season. New metal spinners and balancers, concrete Turtles inlaid with seashells, glow in the dark and solar plant stakes, and lots and lots of beautiful Pottery. The spring flowers have been beautiful and are now giving way to the more heat tolerant summer ones. We have more choices of Plumerias this year than we've ever had, and most of the new cuttings already have flower spikes. Our succulent variety is better than ever,  we've added lots of sedums, and continue our search for more unusual species.  Pottery has been a little challenging this season. We've been told there are labor problems in Vietnam, making it harder for our Wholesalers. One of our main suppliers has left the area. Don't worry, we just worked twice as hard to find the best prices, best quality and most unique Pottery out there.  If  I can remember how I'll post some pictures.  If your planing a trip to the Beach this Summer come and check us out. Mexico Beach is absolutely beautiful. The water is clear, the seafood is great and the fishing is good. Like us on FaceBook for the most up to date stuff happening at Frost Pottery Garden.  If you need more information, you can always call me at 850-541-2839.  See you at the Beach.


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