Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hello All, We're getting near the end of summer and I am ready for it to cool off a little. When It does cool we get back in the mood for planting. Cleaning up the plants that have gotten too big, and making way for the plants that like the cooler weather. It's around this time of year that you see the fabulous Bird of Paradise begin to put up blooms. The one in the picture was purchased last year by Susan Howell, one of our local plant lovers. Susan got a two for one. She enjoys this beautiful plant and she won the Mexico Beach Photo Contest with this picture. Congrats Susan! For those of you close enough to stop by the Garden, I have purchased 6 more of this great specimen. I also have more great pictures to share with you that have been sent to me by our customer friends. I truly love it when you send pictures of your Gardens with plants and things you have added from our Garden. Don't Forget to Water, Dena

Thursday, May 22, 2008

First Blog

Hello out there, this is my first blog ever, so bear with me till I get the hang of this. I thought I would start by letting you know that the garden is stuffed full of new pottery. We also planted 70 new plumeria this week in 4 different colors, and we do have some already rooted from last year. Plumeria's are a great plant for the person who likes the unusual. They grow all over Hawaii and produce the flowers that make the Hawaiian Lei. The flowers are beautiful and very fragrant. I have written instructions and am always available for Q&A. They are really very easy to grow. We also have curcuma(hidden ginger)that are sprouting, century plants , palms and assorted flowers. You can check out the web site for some pictures of the pumerias and I will also try to post some new pics. Well, thats all for now, talk to you soon, Dena